Young people of Matzikama, it’s time to stand up. We face big challenges – joblessness, low skills, poor education, and much poverty. But don’t let these things bring you down. Instead, see them as reasons to fight harder for a better life.

Our government may not have quick fixes, but we can still make a difference. How? By becoming entrepreneurs. You see, entrepreneurs are not just business owners. They are problem-solvers. They see a need in their community, then find smart ways to meet that need. This is what we call a ‘growth mindset’. It means believing that with hard work and a love of learning, we can grow our abilities and intelligence.

Why should we learn entrepreneurial skills? First, entrepreneurs create jobs. If we start our own businesses, we can employ ourselves and others. We can become job makers, not just job seekers.

Second, entrepreneurs boost the local economy. Our businesses can bring money and activity into Matzikama. This helps everyone, not just us.

Third, being an entrepreneur gives us more control over our own lives. In a place like Matzikama, where jobs are scarce, we need to make our own opportunities. Owning a business can give us financial independence.

Finally, as entrepreneurs, we learn skills that school doesn’t teach – like critical thinking, resilience, financial understanding, leadership, and negotiation. These skills are useful in all parts of life, not just in business.

Yes, the future may look scary. But we can shape it. We can change our mindset, believe in our abilities, and learn the skills we need. Let’s grab this chance to improve our lives and the whole of Matzikama.

Let’s step into the world of entrepreneurship, let’s keep learning, and let’s start creating. We’re not just Matzikama’s youth; we’re its future leaders and innovators. The time is now, and the person is you. Stand up, smell the coffee, and get to work. You are the change that Matzikama needs.